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Get Out!

“Just because you’re invited, doesn’t mean you’re welcome”

Bukan suruh korang GET OUUUTT from here tapi let me share with you guys about a movie entitled “Get Out”. 😉

I was lucky enough to watch the premiere screening of the movie 😍 Have you ever wondered how the ticket looks like? See below 👇


Besar kan tiket dia bagi ^^ Confirm tak hilang nie..Dari gambar dah boleh dapat semua maklumat kan.. where, when,hall, seat… hahaha.. I won’t go to that part. Let’s go straight into the movie!

First of all, from the title I thought this is a ghost story but when I asked Uncle Google actually it is mystery/ thriller. I was excited to watch the movie. Movie ni pasal a couple of lovers, Chris and Rose that has been together for 5 months. Rose decided to bring her lover home to introduce to her parents. Chris was kinda reluctant because he is black. Rose is white. He has been facing discrimination from people because he’s black. However, his girl convinced him that her parents is so cool. 😎

They drove to Rose’s parents house and along the drive I was thinking why there are so many trees…It looks like forest..Seriously… I won’t live in that area…Then suddenly, a deer jump out of nowhere and Rose hit the deer. I almost scream in that scene. You won’t expect there will be a deer jump in front of the car 😂. Then, I teringat “Train to Busan”. The van driver hit a deer and it start from there. hahaha

They arrived at Rose’s home, introduce themselves, talked to each other, have dinner. Like a normal family. But Rose’s parents has this scary looks and their maids looks weird too. Since the first day, Chris has suspected something was wrong but he ignored it. Rose’s mom is a therapist and I think her father is a doctor. Her mom was really good at hypnotizing people. One night, when Chris went outside for fresh air and back inside he met Rose’s mom. And that night, Rose’s mom hypnotized him to feels sick when he wanted to smoke! That’s a good thing though but Rose’s mom also found out about his past. How he lost his mother, what happened the night that Chris’s mom died.

Day by day there, lots of weird things keep happening. Chris knew something is really wrong but he can’t just got an answer. He charged his phone but the cable always undo itself. One day, when he decided to went back to the city…this is where all the truth comes out… What happen to Chris? Who they really are? What happened to Rose? What happened to the family? Is there anyone going to save them? Can Chris make it out to the city?

Takmo bagi sopilers 😝 You should go and watch with your friends. Bagi I, the movie is quite predictable and there’s also unpredictable moment. Shocking moment. Be prepared to scream. Do not hold your popcorn while watching, the people in front of you might have “popcorn shower” hahahaha

And btw, if you guys ever wonder how I got the premiere screening tickets…..*drum rolls* Thanks to BFM : The Business Radio Station!  ❤️ Listen to the radio and it might be urs next time <_<  Get Out will be in the cinema on April 20, 2017 (Thursday). Don’t forget to watch it and tell me how’s the movie. Have fun 💃